once more, with lightsail

Hi. I’m Nicki. I make code and photographs. This is approximately the zillionth iteration of my website in the past 15 years (well, of a website of mine–I usually have multiple, because I have not tended to disable the old ones), on yet another different host and platform. Past sites went from hand-coded html/css to Blogger to WordPress.com. This time, I’m trying out a WordPress.org site hosted on AWS Lightsail. For AWS, so far, it has been shockingly easy to set up, and I promptly moved on to fighting with themes and trying to determine and put in place the weird exceptions that I want on the WordPress side of things, like filtering posts for the illusion of 2 blogs in one–quotes will appear on the quotes “page” but not here, and vice versa for non-quote posts.

I will import some older posts that I like or want to keep for the history of them from a few older blogs, some of them fairly ordinary blog posts, but most of them quote posts from my current quote blog. I’ll keep the published dates the same as on the old blogs, so they’ll backfill instead of looking like new posts. And I intend to figure out how to add a table or two to this site’s database and manage the works featured page(s) in a less manual-idiotic way. The quote posts themselves will probably just remain actual posts, but maybe I’ll make a table for them, too, and drive their publication via a scheduled Lambda, if I can get access to the db from a Lambda.

The theme I am using is a modified version of Monza, with the fonts Prociono for titles/headings and Raleway for body text, both of which hail from the chouette and open-source League of Moveable Type. The main edits are to filter the posts by page, remove a heading from the quotes page, and tweak the appearances of search results and of blockquotes. For the last, the theme by default uses a dashed border on all sides, full width, with italicized text. Not being able to display the emphasis in quotes has long been a peeve of mine with blockquote styles, so I’ve changed it to normal text, along with a slightly narrower width and a single-side solid border.

I also want to make some modifications to the tag cloud behavior, yet, to filter it by page, so that clicking on tag X from Quotes, you’d get quotes with tag X and not all posts with tag X. That seems like a thing I should be able to do.

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