the end of free Flickr?

Today, Flickr flipped the bird at all its free members (and possibly a bunch of its pro members, as well).

For years, they have offered every member 1TB of space for however many photos that can hold; out of the blue, this morning, they announced that they’re doing away with the space limit and replacing it with a 1000-photo limit for free members.

I currently have between 750 and 800 photos on the site and will have hundreds more by the time I catch up with the photographs that I have yet to edit from this year, never mind if I go back and re-edit old ones from before I joined Flickr and started using Lightroom two years ago. Space-wise, though, there’s not that much, because I limit my uploads to 800px on the long edge, both to use less space and so there’s less a thief could do with them.

I won’t be able to continue adding photos to Flickr for long unless I pay for Pro membership, which is all or nothing at $50/year. And I don’t know that I believe it’s worth that much. $25/year I might have done. $10-15/year for an intermediate-level membership I might have done.

Incidentally, that price is infuriating some current Pro members, too, because an old price of $45 for 2 years was grandfathered in ever since a price increase I’m-not-sure-when. In Flickr’s forums, the CEO is vehemently denying that the end of the grandfathered price is new news. Also slinging mud. Lots of mud-slinging. Don MacAskill is evidently not a high-road type of guy, nor much for listening.

I don’t trust Facebook (ergo Instagram) with my photos; 500px has some shady moves in its history; Google Photos seems more like shareable storage than a portfolio; RedBubble seems to’ve run in the direction of Zazzle (and only shows square-cropped thumbnails on the gallery pages, anyway); Zazzle…is Zazzle. It’s not a platform for you; it’s a platform for your work marketed as Zazzle stuff. I’m not sure what decent options exist. Maybe I’ll try Adobe Portfolio since it comes with CC? I’ll probably try to bake my own gallery for my website, but a real photo sharing platform offers visibility and community that a lone website does not.

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