taken 16 June 2017
camera Canon EOS 80D
lens EF40mm f/2.8 STM
aperture f/3.2
shutter-speed 1/60
focal-length 40 mm
iso 3200

“What goes in the salt mine stays in the salt mine.”

Old dynamite boxes. We saw a broken down vehicle, piles of trash, a worn-out glove stuffed in a hole in a rock salt column. (In the 30s, miners would use a glove on one hand until it wore out, then switch hands and continue using the same glove until it had holes in the other side, as well, to get the most use out of each one.)

Strataca, Hutchinson, Kansas

Prints: not yet available for this image; comment/contact me with requests.

Albums: Strataca
Keywords: Canon EOS 80D, kansas, mine, museum, salt, strataca, underground

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